Giving Back

With your shirt purchase Cultured Biker donates a shirt to an abused child.

The motorcycling community has a long history of giving back by serving many charitable causes.  This service is brought about by the strong sense of community and family prevalent in the motorcycle culture.  Those values, giving back, community and family, are at the core of Cultured Biker. We want to share those gifts of caring and the sense of community and family with those who need and deserve them most. There are too many neglected and abused kids in America. We want to make a difference in their lives. Focusing on abused and neglected children improves their lives and has even more benefits.  Breaking the chains of abuse prevents further generations of abused and neglected children.  And children who are cared for are more likely to become productive happy adults.  They are the foundation of our future. Improving the lives of children improves our country.

With every purchase at Cultured Biker, we are giving a shirt to an abused child in partnership with local and national organizations focused on protecting them. We will work with these organizations to deliver the shirts by a “family of bikers” via an organized ride.  Riders who participate in the ride can also raise money and awareness for the organization as we deliver the children their gifts. Our goal is to reach every abused child, let them know there is a “family” out there, a family of bikers that cares about them and their futures.

Help Cultured Biker reach every neglected or abused child and teach them what it is to be part of the motorcycling family! Share our mission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #cultured_biker

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