Cultured Biker Fit – Long generous fitting shirts made to last


Cultured Biker is defining biker fit.  All aspects of garment production from the pattern, fabric and construction are made with the rider in mind. Every garment is designed by bikers for bikers.

With a design team of avid riders we created features in each garment specific to the needs of the biker. Creating the perfect pattern for our motorcycle shirts was accomplished through many meetings with riders about what the biker specifically needed in a garment.  Those features were then put into sketches for a pattern. Multiple variations were sketched to come up with just the right pattern. From the patterns came samples, we tried them on, redrew the pattern and remade the samples. Over and over again until we got it right.

The result? A shirt that includes the features bikers need and details to ensure comfort and durability.

  • Biker fit
  • Generous proportions
  • Long shirt: keep your back covered with longer overall length. Mens feature an even longer tail in the back and womens shirts are scoop shaped at the hem for even more length to tuck in or under
  • High quality construction with reinforced seams for rider durability
  • Premium fabrics
  • Fabric knitted and pre-shrunk specifically for Cultured Biker
  • Heavy weight American Cotton with an extremely soft touch
  • Performance bamboo blend for a cooler antibacterial option with a silky soft feel
  • Shirt Graphics
    • Designed to honor the individuality of the biker
    • Vintage with a new twist
    • Celebrates the tradition of service exhibited by the biking community




When we first embarked on making shirts for Cultured Biker we focused on graphic designs to express the individuality of bikers.  We want our designs to reveal “what kind of biker are you?” The kind of biker you are is a deeper question than what kind of bike you ride. It speaks to who you are as an individual, what other culture you are proud to be a part of. Are you an Italian Biker, a Biker Mechanic, a Veteran Biker, or a Biker Dad?

Our “Veteran Biker” shirt is filled with symbols of strength, power and pride in country as an homage to those who ride and serve. We also created the “Service Biker” shirt as a symbolic medallion to honor those that serve our communities like police, fire or paramedics. Whatever kind of biker we are, we come together to make up the motorcycling community.  Our “American Biker” shirt shows pride in our heritage and in American-Made products.

Once we established the artistic direction for our graphics, we began to think about the perfect T shirt for riding.  A properly suited shirt for the demands bikers put on their clothing.  We polled bikers and sketched out patterns and styles of shirts specifically designed for riding. A design that covers the lower back, that breathes and stands up to wind and washings and is soft and smooth against the skin.  Simultaneously, we searched out fabrics that would be suitable for rider shirts.  We wanted to ensure the cotton for our fabric was grown in America and was of the weights most riders preferred. We began measuring and testing various types of cotton weights to determine how thick our fabric should be to be comfortable, flattering, and to stand up to the rigors of riding and rubbing under riding gear.  We also explored performance fibers that would enhance the riding experience by keeping the rider comfortable and cool.  We developed specifications for weight and fiber content and had our fabric custom knit uniquely for Cultured Biker garments. We have two great fabric choices for Cultured Biker shirts: 100% American Grown Cotton and 70/30 Bamboo/Cotton Blend for a natural performance fabric.

In keeping with the great quality traditions of American clothing manufacturers, we continue the cutting and sewing production of our garments here in the US. And because we are custom manufacturing we are able to add features like reinforced seams to ensure durability. Every stage of production is painstakingly examined to create a premium quality garment made for bikers by bikers with pride in the USA. We know the resulting product is one you will feel good about wearing and giving as gifts. We are confident you will find your favorite riding T shirt here at Cultured Biker.