About Cultured Biker

The Threads That Bind Us

We are each individuals who come from many cultures and together create one community. We are one family, bound by the love of riding and by the commitment to our communities. To us, it doesn’t matter what you ride but THAT you ride. We live for the ride; the freedom the road brings as all our troubles are momentarily taken by the wind. We are dedicated to our long standing traditions of pride in our country and giving back. We support those that serve our country and communities, the disadvantaged, the sick and especially children. These common threads are what bind the many into one culture, one community. Cultured Biker is born from these traditions.

Our Story

A Family Tradition – Danielle Barnes, Chief Touring Officer

My father shared his love of motorcycles with all four of us kids. When I was born on a Mississippi Air Force Base, a motorcycle was the only vehicle my father had.  My visiting grandmother rode to and from the hospital to visit me and my mom on the back of my father’s bike. She loved to tell that story.

My brother, sisters and I loved riding with dad. When we were small we would ride up on the tank cradled between his arms so we couldn’t fall off. We’d ride until we fell asleep, lulled by the rocking, the vibration and the soft roar of the motor. As we got bigger and rode on the back, my dad would loop a second belt around us and through his when we rode so we wouldn’t literally nod off the bike. Being Air Force brats who moved around a bit, we got to see a lot of the back roads of the country that way, from the back of Daddy’s motorcycle with our little chins rested on his shoulder.

From dirt bikes to street bikes we grew up on motorcycles. And I am happy to say the biker bug was passed on to my own kids. What a treat to watch the kids master new skills and see them try new challenges.  The talks at the campfires:  “Did you see my gnarly crash?  I was slipping off the back of the bike and whiskey throttled it!” “Can you believe that boar in the trail when we came around that corner?” We laughed as we broke down the day’s rides.  In an age of video games and isolation these have been precious times with our children.

I still use my bike to clear my mind.  I ride and focus on the road and my line, trying to read the minds of the drivers in the cars.  And while my focus becomes so intense on the road around me, it frees me from the troubles of work and relationships and allows for a deep sense of peacefulness. There is a deeper connection to your surroundings when riding as you take in the smells: sage, eucalyptus, pine, rain on asphalt and see the sights around you. Being buzzed by fighter jets in the desert is an experience few have in a car!

Motorcycles Saved My Life! – Millie Tarallo, Chief Riding Officer

In 2005 my job moved me to a town where I didn’t have any friends or family. Feeling isolated, I decided to buy a motorcycle and pick up the old hobby I enjoyed many years ago. Immediately I felt the community of the road and riding. Whether it was a wave when passing another biker, or learning that no matter what appearance someone had, they always had a smile and easy conversation about bikes and riding. While I fell in love again with the freedom feeling of riding, and I experienced the community of the biker, I still lacked family and community.

In 2007, I decided to join a motorcycle club, and immediately my life changed. Being in the ‘band of sisters’ I learned there is so much more to life than the long hours at work. I learned how the journey on the bike was filled with so much beauty of the world and the people, no matter who they were, if they were on a bike they were family. We held rides to benefit young girl’s defense programs, battered women shelters, to fight human trafficking, veteran’s groups and women’s cancer research.

Recently, I started thinking about a business that could bring to life the culture of the motorcycling community: the wonderful sense of freedom and feeling of belonging. No matter who you are, a lawyer, a doctor, a mechanic, a librarian, if you ride you are welcomed in the biking community. As my partner and I started building Cultured Biker we expanded our concept to include another great aspect of motorcycle communities, giving. Both giving to those in need and giving jobs to those at home in the U.S.A. Giving to someone in need and letting them know they aren’t alone, that a ‘Cultured Biker loves them’! With every shirt purchased a shirt will be given to a neglected and abused child. Giving at home through our commitment to source as much as possible in the USA, keeping jobs here locally.